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Assistive Listening Devices in Palatine, IL

There are more devices out there for hearing impaired individuals than just hearing aids. Make every part of your life easier by utilizing our high-tech assistive listening devices in Palatine, IL. At Hearing Care of Palatine, we are dedicated to equipping you with tools that will help you to enjoy all the sounds in your life, from a friendly voice to your favorite music. Come browse our selection of hearing impaired devices to find equipment that will make hearing easier and enhance your quality of life.

Hearing Devices

Fill Your Home with Our Assistive Hearing Devices

Do you have difficulty hearing the doorbell ring or waking up to your alarm clock? If so, you should order one of our many helpful assistive hearing devices. We have products for many different daily activities, such as watching television or talking on the phone. They are all expertly-designed and easy-to-use. Some of these hearing impaired devices include:

• Alerting Systems
Amplified Telephones
Alarm Clocks That Vibrate & Flash
Doorbells That Vibrate & Flash

Smoke & Fire Alarms That Connect to Vibrating Alarm Clocks
Infrared TV-Listening Systems

Experience the Benefits of Our Advanced Hearing Impaired Devices

Once you start using our hearing impaired devices, you are sure to notice all of the incredible benefits they bring to your daily routine. For example, a vibrating alarm clock gives you confidence in your ability to be woken up on time. Meanwhile, flashing doorbells will instantly alert you to any guests that arrive so you can welcome them instantly into your home. All of our assistive hearing devices are built differently, but they are all made to alert, inform, or entertain you. Never worry about missing out on anything again when you implement our advanced equipment into your life.

Experience a Clearer Sound with Our Hearing Impaired Phone

A hearing impaired phone is one of the most useful tools for hearing impaired individuals. Phones are necessary for speaking to friends and family that live far away or for making plans and scheduling appointments. Our sleek assistive listening devices ensure that your phone calls are always clear and understandable so that you can enjoy your conversations once more. Put a hearing impaired phone in your home and hear the person on the other end more easily.

Contact us to take preventative steps toward caring for your hearing by coming to our full-service hearing center. We are proud to serve the residents of Palatine, Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Mount Prospect, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich Inverness, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines and Barrington, Illinois

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