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Hearing Aid Repair in Palatine, IL

Once you find a hearing aid that is a good fit, you come to rely on that device for helping you communicate on a daily basis. Whether you are listening to music or talking to someone on the phone, your device helps make sounds louder so that you can respond accordingly. If something should happen to your hearing aid or it suddenly stops working, there is no need to worry.

At Hearing Care of Palatine, we provide fast and effective hearing aid repair in Palatine, IL. Our audiologists know how important your device is for your hearing capabilities, so we will be sure to return your equipment to you as soon as possible.

Hearing Aids

Detailed Hearing Aid Maintenance for Any Ear Care Device

Although our hearing aids fit in the palm of your hand, each one of them has many different parts. When your device malfunctions, it is a good idea to bring it to our specialist or Dr. Regina Dziewior herself! We all understand how these devices are built, and we provide careful hearing aid maintenance to get them operating correctly once more.

Hearing aids are built differently depending on their type of style and require specialized hearing aid maintenance that is targeted toward their unique designs. For example, digital hearing aids include small computers while non-digital hearing aids do not. Some of the other possible components of your hearing aid include:

• Microphone
Digital Processor/Amplifier

Volume Control

Common Hearing Aid Issues That We Encounter

You are in good hands when you come to Doctor of Audiology or one of our experienced professionals for hearing aid repair. We have dealt with various issues in the past, so we may recognize the problem with your equipment right away. Even if it takes us a little extra time, we will work hard to determine why your equipment is malfunctioning. Some of the most frequent problems that we are asked to resolve are:

• Whistling or Howling When Device Is Inserted

Distorted Sound from Device

No Sound Is Produced by Device

When Replacement Is Necessary

Rest assured that we will try our best to repair your hearing aid and bring it back to a high-functioning state. However, there may be certain instances when your device is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Our products are designed to last five to seven years, so, if your hearing aid is more than five years old, it is likely time to get a new one.

Contact us to take preventative steps toward caring for your hearing by coming to our full-service hearing center. We are proud to serve the residents of Palatine, Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Mount Prospect, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich Inverness, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines and Barrington, Illinois

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