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Hearing Tests in Palatine, IL

Are you having difficulty hearing others speak? Do you constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves? If so, you could be experiencing hearing loss. Come to Hearing Care of Palatine and let our specialist and Doctor of Audiology check your ears with our accurate hearing tests in Palatine, IL. It is better to know for sure if the function of your ears is decreasing because we can provide certain assistive listening devices that can help.

Hearing loss comes about for many reasons, such as aging, heredity, and continuous exposure to loud noises. The different kinds of hearing loss that people develop are:

Conductive: This type of loss is caused by the outer or middle ear not conducting sound to the inner ear.

Sensorineural: This type of loss is caused by harm to the inner ear or the nerve pathways that connect the inner ear to the brain.

Mixed: This type of loss is a combination of both conductive and sensorineural damage.

Neural: This type of loss is caused by a missing or damaged auditory nerve.


Hearing Loss Tests for All Ages

There are many types of hearing loss tests that can be used to check your hearing. The test that we use for each patient differs according to his or her age and other deciding factors. At Hearing Care of Palatine we recommend a base line hearing test starting at age 50. Other hearing test we offer are. 

• Speech Audiometry

• Pure Tone Audiometry

Senior Hearing Test for Your Aging Ears

As aging is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, it is a good idea to get a senior hearing test. In fact, we recommend scheduling a baseline hearing test when you turn 50 and receiving periodic monitoring afterwards. Even though hearing declines as you get older, there are treatments that we can provide to improve the function of your ears. Come to our office and receive a senior hearing test so that we can recommend your treatment as soon as possible.

Hearing Test

Hearing Test 2

Get Results with Our Diagnostic Hearing Testing

If you have poor hearing but want to enjoy music, laughter, and other delightful sounds of life, the first step is to come to our location and sign up for our diagnostic hearing testing. Our specialist and our Doctor of audiology know how to read your results and determine what type of hearing loss you suffer from.

When you allow us to perform hearing loss tests, we are able to figure out what degree of hearing loss you have. The degrees range from normal or mild all the way to severe or profound. Get the facts about your case of hearing loss and discover what you can do to improve your ears by scheduling your diagnostic hearing testing.

Contact us to take preventative steps toward caring for your hearing by coming to our full-service hearing center. We are proud to serve the residents of Palatine, Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Mount Prospect, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich Inverness, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines and Barrington, Illinois

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